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The Bellingham Boardgame Society
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Friday, April 28th, 2006
2:02 pm
Just in case some people here are interested, a friend of mine runs an online fanzine for internet varients of classic boardgames. It's monthly, and requires little of your time to enjoy. Here's a short blurb, describing what it is:

Will It Lead to Trouble!? is an electronic magazine devoted to being silly, risque; irreverent and encourage people to play Email Diplomacy and other games we haven't started yet - the next issue is out at the weekend and if you want a copy (and are happy to accept 3-4MB pdf files by email) let me know what email address you want it sent to and a copy will wing its way to you - for those that want to see earlier issues just let me know - oh yes it s also usually full of music stuff and book stuff - and weird and wonderful slices of life.

Email andymansfield[at]btinternet[dot]com for further details, or even to sign up!
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
8:22 pm
Thanks to a great idea by heresyoftruth, I am challenging everyone in this Bellingham live journal community and all other B'ham related lj communities to donate at least five food items to the food bank. If you aren't able to, then challenge your friends and family to do it. The food bank takes donations monday-friday from 8:15 to 4:30. Just go to the back alley to drop off the food. The food bank is located at 1824 Ellis Street (across from the new B'ham High entrance). I've heard that all the Haggens also accept donations for the food bank.

xposted all over

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Monday, October 3rd, 2005
5:27 pm
Anyone wanna play some Zombies?
I have all but the last expansion.

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
9:41 pm
Anyone have Diplomacy?
I haven't played it in years and upon stumbling across this board I had a sudden urge to play. Only thing is, I don't have it...Anyone here do? Up for playing?
Monday, September 19th, 2005
10:09 am
Britannia Report

We had a rather good game of Britannia at my house on Sunday. 

I'm really looking forward to playing more games at my house, most likely the next game day will be on 10/2, though that is TBD.  If you're interested in playing something, let me know what people want to play, we're going to be rotating our games quite a bit so nothing gets stale.  We're open to most anything.

If you've ever played this game and want to read the report Darkhawke posted this in his journal.


Saturday, September 17th, 2005
3:27 pm
1 more needed for Boardgame - Britannia

Sunday 9/18 at noon, we're playing Britannia at my house. 3 out of 4 people have confirmed, just need on more person.


Game details here

EDIT: Game Full, thanks!
Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
11:06 am
Scrabble variant
Has anyone ever played Speed Scrabble? I used to play with friends several years ago, and I'm dying to be able to play again. We actually called it "Shenanigans" because of some tendencies toward creating words that did not exist, thereby requiring us to look at the offending party and shout, "Hey, no shenanigans!"

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
4:42 pm
I have two games I'm looking to sell or trade (preferably trade):

Runebound, a fantasy adventure type game. No DM needed. Cool concept involving 1 board, but different scenarios.


Blue Moon, a two player card game that is most often compared to Magic: The Gathering.

4:41 pm
It seems some of you already know about this website, but I just wanted to put it out there for anyone who doesn't know about it.


You can basically check out any boardgame ever, pictures, reviews, house rules, clarifications, anything.

It is pretty awesome...
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
6:26 pm
Does anybody like Fluxx or Scrabble? Or Boggle?
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
3:15 pm
I want to play some Advanced Civilization BADLY. I need at least 4 more people. It's a day long type game, probably takes about 10 hours to finish a game maybe longer with rules being taught. The game is pretty simple really. I have the entire game including the expansion map. I can even host.

Just need people.
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