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I want to play some Advanced Civilization BADLY. I need at least 4 more people. It's a day long type game, probably takes about 10 hours to finish a game maybe longer with rules being taught. The game is pretty simple really. I have the entire game including the expansion map. I can even host.

Just need people.
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Can you tell me a bit more about the game?
It's set in ancient times in the Mediterranean region. You play one civilization trying to build up and survive. You build cities and you get trade goods which you can trade with other players. You have to live through various calamities which randomly happen to you, such as floods, volcanoes, and civil wars. You can spend your trade goods on upgrading your civilization with various things like religion and engineering. Not sure what else to say, any other questions though and i'll happily answer them.
I checked it out on a web site. It looks cool. If you are still looking for players I wouldn't mind learning a new game.

I recently bought a new game called "War! Age of Imperialism" (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/2718) and haven't found anyone to play with yet.

Do you ever play any of the old milton bradley game master series? I have Axis and Allies, Fortress America and Shogun.

It's my theory to try any game at least once, so i'd be more than happy to learn a new game. As far as the old Milton Bradley games go, I used to play Fortress America a LOT, we had it down to a science at one point, but that was years ago, I've played A&A a couple times and I think Shogun once. I don't remember the rules to any of them though, i'm willing to relearn. Well you'd make the 5th player for Civ, 1 more (6) makes a good game, know anyone else?
Sorry I don't know anyone locally who plays board games.
You up for something possibly this weekend? I'm trying to get a game of at least 6 people set for this Sunday. Starting...say...noonish?
I'm up for it, sounds like a good way to waste 10 hours. Can I get plastered if I start to lose?
You can get as plastered as you want, heck winning or losing. Just BYOB. I'll email you with details. I see your email is listed in your user info.
btw, I just added you. See you on Sunday.